Your clients tell you they like the idea of Smart Home Automation. They love the concept of convenience. But what are they really looking for? Do they understand their options? Are they aware of the range of available Smart Devices? Do they appreciate the technological sophistication?

They won’t know all this. But then they’ve appointed you, the architect - and you will reveal all.

  • You’ll tell them how much they’ll save on energy efficiency
  • You’ll describe how the cool, contemporary design of our Smart Devices will look and feel good for years to come
  • You’ll explain how the integrated modular systems work - how they can be wired, wireless or hybrid
  • You’ll point out the benefits of flexible bespoke software

Home Automation - key features

Your clients will relish the convenience and the sense of luxury, entitlement and control that Home Automation gives them - be it in the home or in the garden. They’ll be able to look forward to these features -

Energy Efficiency

  • LED lighting
  • Room / Area Zoned Heating
  • Interface to Solar Panel systems
  • Energy efficient boiler usage
  • Solar Gain to reduce heating / ventilation costs
  • Interface to Electric Car charging

Control panels with a smart, contemporary look and feel

  • Touch Pure - a sleek, glass-fronted tactile control panel
  • Touch Surface - works under wood, tile, glass or kitchen work-top

Modular system that can be wired, wireless or hybrid

  • The modular nature of the system allows for retro-fitting into areas that have already been completed or decorated.

Adaptable software

  • Enables fitting of either standard or fully bespoke features.
  • Reveal to your clients a world of total convenience with Smart Device Automation

Talk to us to learn more about the benefits and convenience of Smart Device Automation in Assisted Living or Retirement complexes.