Smart Home Automation for Developers

Are you a developer, working on high-end projects, with the focus on aspirational living?

Are your prospective home-owners attracted by concepts of

  • Convenience
  • Luxury living
  • A feeling of entitlement and control
These aspirations become an affordable reality with Smart Home Automation - all around the home and in the garden too.

There are numerous benefits, for you the developer and for the end clients -

  • LED lighting - cheaper to wire and, once installed, more cost-effective for the end client.
  • The innovative appeal of Smart Home Automation is a definite up-sell
  • A 2-year guaranteed from date of sign-off
  • For identical home design styles, the system design for one home can be repeated, with minimal adjustments, from one home to the next. The more repetitions, the lower the overall cost.
  • Installation can be completed by the developer, design guidance provided by APS. 1st Fix developer 2nd fix APS

Are you a developer? Find out more about cost-effective Smart Home Automation for the aspirational home owner.