Smart Home Automation

Home automation has taken off. So where on earth do you start? With all the Smart Home installers and designers out there, which one is right for your home or garden?

Well, we’re here to help.

We have the expertise and the know-how. We’re at the edge of innovation. We’ll give you a Smart Home solution using Smart Home products to take care of every aspect of your project.



Heating control


Multi-room music

Home cinema

Automated blinds

Energy management


Peace of mind

Your professionally installed system comes with full system integration.

We’ll install your system to the highest standard and with a comprehensive guarantee - bringing you true peace of mind.

Unlike other Home Automation Systems, you won’t have to rely on flaky cloud technology or external systems. The Automated Projects Smart Home is 100% autonomous for everyday working. You only need to use the internet when you’re away from home.

Accessories for every application

Enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive range of Smart Home products. From initial consultation to completed project, we bring you the complete Automated Home solution.

The intelligent Smart Home server sits at the core of your home. It seamlessly integrates your systems and Smart Home Products, meaning that your home always knows what to do – automatically. No stress, no fuss.