Smart Home Heating

design-led | automated | affordable

Time to learn

To get things right, we all need time to learn. A Smart Home is no different. Following a short learning curve, the Smart Home will know the exact heating & cooling needs of each room. It will respond accordingly. And of course, when you’re away from home, your system will save you energy, by keeping temperatures comfortably low.

Versatile Automated Home Heating

The Smart Home will integrate with whatever system you currently use - both standard radiator systems as well as 'wet' and electric under-floor heating systems. 

Intelligent heating - always learning, always adapting

Your Smart Home heating system will think, analyse and learn entirely by itself. Your rooms are guaranteed to reach the right temperature at the right time. They will know precisely the best time to switch on the heating. They’ll even adjust the time to turn on the heating, according to the changing seasons. Even if the weatherman gets it wrong (again!?), the rooms in your home will still be warm and comfortable - just as you need them to be.

Allow your Smart Home Heating system to keep you at the right temperature - day or night. Learn more about design-led, affordable Smart Home Heating