Multi-room Smart Audio

Bring your home to life with better sound & better control

Are you a true music lover? Then you’ll love our Multi-room Smart Audio system - designed specifically for Smart Home use. A smart music server, with carefully chosen multimedia products, offers the ideal, intelligent, comprehensive sound system.

The Smart Home music server is the first ever multi-room audio system that’s completely in tune with your Smart Home.

  • From a variety of sources, enjoy music in every room
  • Full integration with your Smart Home
  • Use its many functions - a doorbell, alarm clock and burglar alarm sounder
  • Compatible with Spotify, Google Play Music and TuneIn
  • Wirelessly extendable using network streaming (UPnP)
  • Playback of pre-recorded audio snippets on request
  • Text-to-speech announcements
  • Storage for up to 250,000 songs (1TB) built in or streamed from your phone using Apple AirPlay

Burglar Alarm Siren

Your Loxone Music Server includes an alarm siren that will have any intruder running scared. Once triggered, your Music Server will play the alarm sound at full volume across parts of your home.

Gentle Alarm Clock

Time’s up for your annoying, shrill alarm clock. In your Loxone Smart Home you’ll be woken gently, as the blinds gradually open to let the light flood in. Your Music Server will ease you from your slumbers, playing your favourite tunes.

Doorbell Function

Get rid of your temperamental old-fashioned door bell. Let your Loxone Music Server take over. When someone rings your doorbell, you’ll hear your chosen doorbell chime in whichever rooms you choose. If the kids are asleep, their room will be muted – simple!

Text or speech alerts

Your Smart Home will keep up with your busy lifestyle by giving you reminders. For example, if someone has left your garage door or bathroom window open after sunset, your Music Server will send you a text or relay a speech message to whichever room you choose.

Bring your home to life – music and audio notifications, whenever and wherever you want. Learn more about Multi-room Smart Audio.