Smart Home Security

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Ultimate family protection and peace of mind

With the current spike in domestic crime, family security and safety are uppermost in many home-owners’ minds. Contemporary technology has brought the benefits of smart security within affordable reach of almost everyone.
Whilst you’re sleeping or staying away, your home keeps watch - alerting you to intruders and sounding the alarm in an emergency. It will warn you of dangers, such as fire or water leaks. It will even light you a path to safety. 

Optimum round-the-clock security

A comprehensive Smart Home thinks on its feet. It gives you powerful, fully automatic protection, with a variety of security and alarm functions. At night, you may be sleeping soundly. But your home won’t be. It will be on full alert. And when you’re away - it automatically goes into security mode and watches carefully - protecting you against burglary, water leaks or adverse weather.


In case of smoke or fire, your Smart Home will immediately alert you with flashing lights and a phone call. Programmed lighting will show you the way out. Blinds will open, alerting passers-by and neighbours to the danger.

Presence Simulation

With presence simulation, you can really enjoy your holiday. You’ll relax in the knowledge that your home will be busy acting as if someone were home. The blinds raise and lower and lights switch on and off, following the same routine as always.

Flooding or water leaks

If water appears where it shouldn’t, perhaps from a burst pipe, or rain pouring in from an open window, you’ll be protected. Your home will immediately alert you to the problem, enabling you to act promptly and avert the chance of damage.

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